Several News from US Green Building Council on LEED in October 2014

1) List of compliant low VOC rating systems

US GBC operates a list of common low VOC rating systems that allow to show compliance of a product with the credit on low-emitting interior products.

Some of them are directly compliant, such as the Indoor Air Comfort GOLD program; other ones are compliant only if the test report shows low formaldehyde emissions of max. 10 µg/m³ in the reference room after 28 days in a test chamber, in line with the French A+ class. But for most products, the French A+ class alone will not be good enough for showing LEED compliance – it will be good enough only in conjunction with AgBB compliance – or by carrying one of the approved labels.

The list of compliant rating systems was updated in October 2014 and can be seen on the US GBC website.

2) Extended transition period from LEED 2009 to LEED v4

The new version LEED v4 is available since November 2013. The new version brings substantial changes and improvements. During a transition phase, projects can select either LEED 2009 or LEED v4. In that period, manufacturers of products will face requests whether their products comply with LEED, both with respect to the old and the new version.

This transition phase now was extended until October 2016.

This deadline applies to building projects, but then also to the requirements on the products used for that building. It concerns the start of the LEED certification; the 2009 version may still be relevant until the building is finished and the certification process was concluded. This means that the 2009 requirements may still be relevant after October 2016, but the application of the 2009 criteria will fade out slowly after that date.

3) LEED 2009 projects

New in October 2014: US GBC declared that building projects that run under LEED 2009 may decide to apply the low VOC credits of LEED v4.

This allows to use the revised specifications for low emitting interior products. Outside North America, the alternative pathway can be used, on the basis of European requirements, see LEED projects in Europe then can purchase many more LEED compliant interior products, as most such products in Europe will have been tested rather after European requirements (see first item above) than after US based requirements.

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